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Executive Functioning

Some people naturally struggle with organization, time management, prioritizing tasks or meeting deadlines. We can help children, adolescents and young adults who are having difficulties in these areas through coaching. During coaching, goals will be set, an individualized plan will be created, and progress toward goals will be monitored.


Coaching of executive functioning skills is provided by a licensed school psychologist with expertise in executive skills deficits and how they impact school performance. Coaching will include weekly virtual sessions focused on developing skills related to planning/organization, time-management, prioritization, and long-term goal setting as it relates to academic and vocational success. Length of coaching varies depending on the client’s level of need and on-going monitoring of progress towards the goals which are set by the coach and client. Preliminary goals will be set at the initial meeting and frequent monitoring of progress will be done at each session. Coaching typically uses the time to help students (1) review all homework assignments, including daily homework, upcoming tests and long-term projects or papers; (2) break down long-term assignments in subtasks and develop timelines; (3) create a study plan for tests; (4) make a homework plan for the day; and (5) monitor how well the plan is followed and track assignment completion. The coaching client is expected to provide the coach with all information relevant to these processes, which may include communication with the client’s parents or teachers.

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