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Consultation provides the opportunity to meet with a professional regarding your concerns.  Consultation can occur in single meeting or it can be an ongoing process, depending on the needs of the child, family or young adult. These services may be held virtually or in our office depending on clinician and family's preference. 

Common reasons for seeking consultation include:

  • educational placement decisions

  • behavioral supports for home and school

  • assistance with the special education process (IEP or 504)

  • time management/organizational difficulties

  • academic difficulties​

​​Initial Consultation

Individuals are often uncertain about the first steps in seeking psychological or educational services. For these occasions we provide a 1 to 1.5 hour meeting to learn about your concerns and develop a plan to address them. At the end of our meeting, we may recommend counseling, ongoing consultation, or an assessment.

Ongoing Consultation

We also offer ongoing consultation for problems occurring at home or at school.  In these meetings, we work with parents to develop and implement home-based strategies to meet the needs of their child/children.  Because many of our practitioners are trained as school psychologists, we are comfortable providing consultation around special education needs, including IEP meetings, 504 plans, consideration for educational placement decisions (e.g. gifted programs or private school). We are happy to work directly with your child's school/teacher to assist in implementation of strategies for your child. We can attend IEP meetings with you and/or teacher conferences.


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